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Future Ancestors Summer Community Exploration

The Future Ancestors Community Innovation Exploration is a 4 week Summer Learning Experience provided by the Purple Mai'a Foundation that will empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai.  This learning experience lays the foundations for future explorations into Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Mike SarmientoCharmaine Woodward

Art Sundays: Origami folding

This is your elevator pitch. Summarize in a sentence or two.

Niu Now Database

Learn the basics of designing and building a database (information power-house!) to manage your homework, toys, bugs, coconuts, butterflies, limu or the fun things in your life!

Future Ancestors

The Future Ancestors Community
Exploration is a 3 day Mini Learning Experience that will introduce and empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai.
March 15 - 17

Waiw.ai Challenge

"Develop an innovative and collaborative project idea to deepen and grow the genius of our places and communities that will be presented at Kilo Hōkū for the Waiw.ai Challenge, part of Purple Mai'a Future Navigators community program. Through the lenses of place-based, Earth-centered, and biomimetic design, innovation and indigenous culture, we'll explore the biological, ecological, social and cultural stories of regeneration and resilience in our communities. We'll develop prototypes and action plans using 3D modeling techniques, XR technologies, and AI. Haumāna will be able to join existing Future Navigators hui, form their own team, or work independently."


Timeline 4/13 to 5/28 *students will receive invite to view previous cohorts hōike on 4/2


Tech Tuesday - Scratch: ʻO wai kou inoa?

An introductory course to Scratch Animation. Haumana will spend the time in class learning how to animate their inoa (name). 

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Minecraft Wāhine - Influential Wāhine of Hawaiʻi

Students can only connect to our server using a laptop or desktop computer. In this course haumana will learn about influential women in Hawaiʻi.


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Functional Website Building

Haumana will expand upon their knowledge in web development and learn the basics of server-side scripting with Drupal and the PHP language.

Course Title: Functional Website Building 


Timeframe: 5-6pm MW