Available courses

Future Ancestors Summer Community Exploration

The Future Ancestors Community Innovation Exploration is a 4 week Summer Learning Experience provided by the Purple Mai'a Foundation that will empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai.  This learning experience lays the foundations for future explorations into Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Mike SarmientoCharmaine Woodward

Augmented Reality Dance Party

This is your elevator pitch. Summarize in a sentence or two.

Hoʻolauna ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Fall II 2021

This is an introductory course to ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.  Haumāna will learn a variety of Hawaiian words as well as basic sentences that they can use in everyday life!

Tiana HendersonKahealani LonoAllena Villanueva

Haku JS 4.0 - Kilo Hōkū

The fourth edition of Haku JS weaves together JavaScript and Hawaiian astronomy.

Level Design in Game Development

In our game development course, haumāna will learn and expand their knowledge with Unity and level creation. This course will focus on designing levels and mechanics to create a multi-level 2D game with premade assets.

Elon Kanayama

Minecraft Wāhine IV - Addressing the Gender Gap

Wāhine will only be able to join this course from a laptop or desktop computer. We are adventuring into different server worlds and addressing the gender gap. This course is open to all who identify as wāhine.

Timeframe: Wednesday 4-5 pm and Friday 4-6pm