Available courses

Purple Maiʻa on Lanai

This is an introductory to Mo’olelo and Scratch

Tiana HendersonKahealani LonoKiane Prietto

Future Ancestors Summer Community Exploration

The Future Ancestors Community Innovation Exploration is a 4 week Summer Learning Experience provided by the Purple Mai'a Foundation that will empower students to explore their community in search of Waiwai.  This learning experience lays the foundations for future explorations into Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Mike SarmientoCharmaine Woodward

Kaboom Challenge

The Purple Maiʻa Kaboom Challenge Team will be taking part in the "Kajam" coding challenge sponsored by Replit.com. As members of the team you will work together, learning and applying a variety of skills to create a computer game. If you already have some coding experience that is a big help, but there will be lots of opportunities to learn, and team members can also contribute by creating the storyline for the game, creating art and graphics, or creating sound effects and music.

This will be an intensive one week project, so make sure you're prepared to invest several evenings throughout the course time period (Monday 10/18 - Sunday 10/24), and able to attend our meetings on Saturday 10/23 and Sunday 10/24.

Manu Mei-SinghMegan NepshinskyPaul Wheeler

Spooktacular Minecraft Halloween

This is your elevator pitch. Summarize in a sentence or two.

Haku JS 4.0 - Kilo Hōkū

The fourth edition of Haku JS weaves together JavaScript and Hawaiian astronomy.

Level Design in Game Development

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Minecraft Wāhine IV - Addressing the Gender Gap

Wāhine will only be able to join this course from a laptop or desktop computer. We are adventuring into different server worlds and addressing the gender gap. This course is open to all who identify as wāhine.

Timeframe: Wednesday 4-5 pm and Friday 4-6pm

Hoʻolauna ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

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