Available courses

Scratching the Surface: Lono i ka Makahiki

Connecting haumāna to understanding Makahiki.  Haumāna will learn in both Moodle and Scratch and will create a game, lesson or educational presentation on Makahiki.  


Scratch & Programming Basics

Indulge in an intro to Scratch Basics created asynchronously by Michele Kauahi! 

Michele Kauahi

Advanced Minecraft Server Building

This course is designed to teach haumana how to develop their own server world. Only a few selected haumana will be invited to this extension Minecraft course. 

Extension class 5-6 pm 

Invited students would be able to upload a new server world (i.e., Jar World)

Build items and develop in gmc as an /op they will be in charge of smaller break out groups in Minecraft Wāhine


Jimie Napoleon-KanahaKiane Prietto

Haku JS 3.0 - A creative coding class

Haku JS 3.0

This session of Haku JS will focus on Kanaka architecture and engineering, machine learning and virtual reality JavaScript libraries. We’ll also continue to explore topology and 3D geometry through hands-on activities. We are so fortunate to have faculty and students from all five of the Claremont Colleges joining us this fall to provide additional support to nā haumāna.


This class is ideal for 5th graders and up and will be hybrid in-person and online.

Further Class Meeting Information: 

Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-5:00 pm 


Tiana HendersonJacqueline KroupaNoah ManuelJimie Napoleon-KanahaAllena Villanueva

Art Sundays: Origami folding

This is your elevator pitch. Summarize in a sentence or two.